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A photo to demonstrate the importance of developing a loving pedagogy in the early years
Developing a Loving Pedagogy in the Early Years


I am a lecturer at Norland College, Education Director of Linden Learning, Early Education associate and self- employed consultant.  I am also an advocate for listening to young children, making learning multi-sensory, active and playful.  I offer early years training and early childhood consultancy services for nursery settings and associated organisations.  I also deliver webinars and keynotes for a broad range of clients and have written many books, articles and publications to support early years education.  Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss any early education training or consultancy requirements you may have. 


I have a great deal of professional expertise and knowledge as an early  education consultant and early childhood trainer, on key topics such as 'loving pedagogy', 'superhero play', 'school readiness', 'schematic behaviour', 'self-regulation in early childhood' and 'supporting behaviour and emotions in the early years'. 

Photo of Tamsin Grimmer, Early Education consultant

I have worked within the early years sector all my professional life, as a teacher, EYFS adviser, Area SENCo, Childminder, Assessor and mentor for EYPS/EYTs and as a self employed consultant. 

I also enjoy being a mum to my three girls although this is by far my biggest challenge and honour - putting what I teach and preach into practice!  I believe that being a parent is one of the most difficult yet rewarding roles that one can do and working with children and young people comes a very close second.  We all need support, advice acknowledgement and encouragement at times to help us on our journey.

I am fully committed to continuing my professional development and am a member of several networks which enable me to learn and further develop my practice. I strive to improve on my current best and make a difference to the practitioners, children and families that I am in contact with.

Photo to demonstrate Loving Pedagogy

I am an experienced consultant and trainer, a Director of Linden Leaning and Principal Lecturer at Norland College.    I also have a specialist interest and detailed knowledge in the area of 'Loving Pedagogy'. 


Care and caring are key to early childhood education and yet love can be viewed as a taboo word within early childhood settings.  I am the author of Developing a Loving Pedagogy in the Early Years.  A book that guides practitioners through the potentially problematic area of loving the children they care for. It shows where a loving pedagogy can fit within professional practice and how this can enrich experiences for children and educators.

I deliver webinars, keynotes, nursery staff training courses and specialist consultancy services on why pedagogy is important in the Early Years. 

A photo to demonstrate the importance of early childhood training and consultancy

How I Can

Help You


I plan and deliver a wide range of 'early years training' and CPD sessions for schools, nurseries, pre-schools, childminders, children’s centres and parents/carers.  I also tailor 'childcare courses' and 'nursery staff training' to suit the individual needs of settings. 


There are many ways that I can support your early years organisation or setting from key note speeches, webinars, early childhood consultancy, modelling, training/INSET, self evaluation and review, support for leadership and management and parent sessions.

Photo to demonstrate the importance of outdoor play in early childhood

"We were looking for an inspiring speaker to deliver a team training session (to around 200 employees). Tamsin's approach was very aligned with ours and we were absolutely thrilled with the session she delivered. Tamsin delivered exactly what we had envisioned. She has a lovely nature and an engaging style- meaning everyone was put at ease but also very engaged throughout. As a skilled lecturer/trainer she also ensured her content was accessible to all, despite covering a significant amount of relevant theory. She also ensured she delivered plenty of practical ideas/examples that our team will be able to put into their practice. The feedback has been great, and we hope to have Tamsin back again in the future!"

Dr Alice Turner, Director of Quality of Care, Ashbridge Nursery

"We couldn't have asked for a better person to present this talk. You are highly respected, and justifiably so, for all the work you do in this area!
You made sure there was very good content and that this is shared in an approachable, exciting and informative way. Your communication skills are excellent. You have a relaxed and approachable style. The feedback for this session has been excellent. Thank you again so very much!"
Sue Hale, Chair of Oxfordshire branch of Early Education


"You are really engaging as a speaker.  I’ve heard lots of people speak over the years and I really think you are one of the best speakers I have heard in a very long time."

 Executive Headteacher of Kintore Way Nursery School and the Grove Nursery School

"A very interesting session. Tamsin is easy to listen to and comfortable to be around. The session was both enjoyable and thought provoking.   Thank you!"

Sara Smout, Primary School Teacher

"The training was extremely useful and well presented with lots of useful practise and examples." 

Rachel Bosley, Nursery Teacher Slade Nursery School

“Thanks for an encouraging and inspiring day!”  

Lucy Driver, Lead Teacher and Safeguarding lead, Grandpont Nursery School

"Fantastic pace, use of resources, mix of theory and practice. Very nurturing approach."

Natalie Wilson, Headteacher, Headinton Quarry Foundation Stage School

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